toyota supra vs. bmw z4 m40i


Comparison Review: 2020 Toyota GR Supra vs. BMW Z4 M40i

September 14, 2019 / Calvin Chan


Like twins separated at birth, we dive deep into the differences separating the iconic Japanese hero and Bavaria's open top roadster. Read more.


2020 BMW M4 Competition Cabriolet


Review: 2020 BMW M4 Competition Cabriolet

September 13, 2019 / Calvin Chan


The Cabriolet may not be the most popular option due to its inherent penalties and skyrocketing price tag but in our eyes, it is the only way to have an M4. Read more.


2019 maserati levante gts


Review: 2019 Maserati Levante GTS

September 9, 2019 / Calvin Chan


Scintillating vocals and a Ferrari heart transplant are enough to make a case for the Levante GTS. Read more.


2020 bmw 7 series


Review: 2020 BMW 750Li xDrive

September 3, 2019 / Calvin Chan


The updated 7 Series successfully marries comfort and athleticism, striking the fine middle ground, now with 40 percent more grill. Read more.


2019 toyota prius prime phev


Review: 2020 Toyota Prius Prime

September 2, 2019 / Calvin Chan


The Prius Prime is an exceedingly effective automotive tool that shouldn’t be swept under the rug so easily when shopping for a new car. Read more.


2019 rx450h lexus hybrid


Review: 2019 Lexus RX 450h

August 28, 2019 / Calvin Chan


The winning streak continues. Read more.


2019 amg gt63s 4-door coupe


Review: 2019 Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S 4MATIC+ 4-Door Coupe

August 26, 2019 / Calvin Chan


Born from consumer demand. Read more.


2019 porsche macan s


Review: 2019 Porsche Macan S

August 25, 2019 / Calvin Chan


The dominance of Porsche's golden cash cow remains undisputed, even five years since its initial and controversial debut. Read more.


2020 McLaren 720S Spider


Review: 2020 McLaren 720S Spider

August 19, 2019 / Calvin Chan


With spaceship looks, spellbinding performance, and unflappable poise, this McLaren sans the roof is one of the most complete, uncompromising, and captivating cars we have ever driven. Read more.


2019.5 jaguar f-type svr coupe


Review: 2019 Jaguar F-Type SVR

August 18, 2019 / Calvin Chan


Sound, speed, and satisfaction - the F-Type SVR is what a sports car should be all about. Read more.


2019 Jaguar E-Pace P300 HSE R-Dynamic


Review: 2019 Jaguar E-Pace P300 HSE R-Dynamic

August 6, 2019 / Calvin Chan


An impressive compact SUV in isolation but far from class-leading. Read more.


2019 BMW X2 M35i


Review: 2019 BMW X2 M35i

August 5, 2019 / Calvin Chan


The M35i doubles down on performance with its most powerful turbo-four engine and heavily stiffened dampers. Read more.


2019 diesel range rover sport


Review: 2019 Range Rover Sport HSE Td6

August 4, 2019 / Calvin Chan


The diesel may not be the most thrilling choice of propulsion but sometimes, it pays to listen to the brain. Read more.


2019 mazda cx-9 signature


Review: 2019 Mazda CX-9 Signature

August 3, 2019 / Don Cheng


With an engaging driving experience and stout feature set, the CX-9 certainly gives credence to the notion that this might just be the enthusiast’s SUV. Read more.


2019 new toyota rav4 hybrid


Review: 2019 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

July 26, 2019 / Calvin Chan


It’s not the high-volume RAV4 trim that everyone is buying but in our minds, the hybrid is the only way to have a RAV4. Read more.


2020 Jaguar F-Type Checkered Flag Edition


Review: 2020 Jaguar F-Type Checkered Flag Edition

July 21, 2019 / Calvin Chan


Bottled-up emotion in material form. Read more.


new mazda3 hatchback sport gt manual transmission


Review: 2019 Mazda3 Sport GT Manual

July 20, 2019 / Don Cheng


The newest and latest Mazda3 continues to set the standard on what you should expect for anything under $30,000. Read more.


range rover evoque 2020


Review: 2020 Range Rover Evoque

July 17, 2019 / Calvin Chan


The smallest Range continues its winning formula with chic styling, a much-needed cabin makeover, and revised powertrains. Read more.


honda civic type r 2019


Review: 2019 Honda Civic Type R

July 16, 2019 / Calvin Chan


The Type R may not rev up to the stratosphere anymore, but it will get you there oh so much faster. Read more.


range rover sport svr 2019


Review: 2019 Range Rover Sport SVR

July 9, 2019 / Calvin Chan


The thunder god. Read more.


BMW M850i xDrive Convertible


Review: 2019 BMW M850i xDrive Convertible

July 7, 2019 / Calvin Chan


A buttoned down boulevard cruiser that offers the thrills and road presence at a fraction of the price of its direct rivals. Read more.


bmw x7 xdrive40i


Review: 2019 BMW X7 xDrive40i

July 3, 2019 / Calvin Chan


We compare BMW’s most regal three-row truck with the GLS that Mercedes claims as the S-Class of SUVs. Does this make the X7 the 7 Series of SUVs then? Read more to find out. Read more.


camaro turbo 1le


Review: 2019 Chevrolet Camaro Turbo 1LE

July 1, 2019 / Calvin Chan


The 1LE package transforms the Camaro into a budget sports car with world-class steering and suspension tuning. Read more.


2019 Mercedes-Benz A 250 4MATIC Hatchback


Review: 2019 Mercedes-Benz A 250 4MATIC Hatchback

June 27, 2019 / Calvin Chan


Fresh off the boat, the new A-Class is a delectable entry-level hatchback with enough chic appeal, technology, and athleticism to draw new customers to the brand. Read more.


2020 mercedes gls 450 and gls 580


First Drive: 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLS

June 23, 2019 / Calvin Chan


An exceedingly effective family hauler that submerses its occupants in a first-class cabin worthy of the S-Class title. Read more.


2019 Audi q8 suv


Review: 2019 Audi Q8

June 21, 2019 / Calvin Chan


The Q8's polished ride, athleticism around corners, and oodles of road presence, should emphatically convince any buyer of its range-topping status. Read more.


2019 Audi a8 long wheelbase


Review: 2019 Audi A8 L

June 14, 2019 / Calvin Chan


Audi maintains the lightweight, tech-driven, and quattro elements that made the original A8 such a hit, and wraps it up in a modernized package fit for the elite. Read more.


2019 volvo v60 cross country


Review: 2019 Volvo V60 Cross Country

June 3, 2019 / Calvin Chan


The Swedish SUV alternative emanating with go-anywhere street cred. Read more.


2019 audi a7 sportback


Review: 2019 Audi A7 Sportback

June 1, 2019 / Calvin Chan


The visually stimulating A7 rides with composure and brings fluid on-road performance, but its true beauty does not rest solely on its individual traits, but rather the culmination of every sensual and tactile detail that lie between the front and rear bumper. Read more.


2019 honda passport touring


Review: 2019 Honda Passport Touring

May 25, 2019 / Calvin Chan


An honest, versatile, and focused five-seater SUV that fills the void between the perennial CR-V and three-row Pilot. Read more.


2019 honda accord touring 2.0L engine


Review: 2019 Honda Accord Touring 2.0

May 18, 2019 / Calvin Chan


Honda's golden child is case in point that sedans are far from becoming obsolete. You would be hard pressed to find a more effective and focused sedan anywhere else. Read more.


2019 chevrolet blazer rs and premier canada


First Drive: 2019 Chevrolet Blazer

May 17, 2019 / Calvin Chan


The Camaro of SUVs? Almost. Read more.


2019 jeep wrangler sahara jl canada


Review: 2019 Jeep Wrangler Sahara Unlimited

May 12, 2019 / Calvin Chan


Overall, the new JL is a more honed Wrangler with better on-road manners, but still not the easiest nor cheapest mid-size SUV to live with on a daily basis. Read more.


2019 jaguar ipace electric canada


Review: 2019 Jaguar I-Pace EV400 HSE

May 7, 2019 / Calvin Chan


Jaguar’s first foray into zero-emission mobility with the gorgeous and fun-to-drive I-Pace is a resounding success. Read more.


2019 acura tlx a-spec canada


Review: 2019 Volkswagen Atlas R-Line

May 3, 2019 / Don Cheng


Born from demand. Read more.


2019 acura tlx a-spec canada


Review: 2019 Acura TLX A-Spec

April 30, 2019 / Calvin Chan


The TLX may not stand on the same pedestal as its German counterparts, but it offers some unique features that make it worth considering. Read more.


2019 civic si canada


Review: 2019 Honda Civic Si Coupe

April 27, 2019 / Calvin Chan


Depending on where you hold your values and priorities, the new Honda Civic Si can be a hit or a miss. Read more.


2019 fpace s canada


Review: 2019 Jaguar F-Pace S

April 26, 2019 / Calvin Chan


If you hold performance and cornering dynamics dear to your heart, and aren’t worried about the occasional dip in ride quality, comfort, or technological consistency, then the F-Pace S is worth taking seriously. Read more.


2019 vw golf gti canada


Review: 2019 Volkswagen Golf GTI Rabbit Edition

April 25, 2019 / Calvin Chan


The Rabbit Edition does not add much aside from nostalgic appeal but the meaningful revisions for 2019 only enhance the Golf’s universal desirability. Read more.