Tracking what matters with miTrail GPS devices

Words: Calvin Chan

Published: October 26, 2021


If you are like us and need to keep tabs on everything with doorbell cameras and smart thermostats, then you are sure to appreciate vehicle tracking. What is it? Well think of it like Apple’s Find your iPhone feature but for your car instead.


Knowing your car’s real-time location not only provides a sense of safety and security, but it can also help businesses and owners manage methods of efficiency. And there are many real-world uses for vehicle tracking. Worried about theft or unauthorized use? Not sure where one of your hundreds of fleet vehicles are at the moment? What about simply keeping track of a family member in case they got lost or hurt? These are the situations and issues that miTrail GPS is trying to solve.



miTrail GPS systems use cellular and satellite networks to accurately pinpoint a vehicle’s location, and it works in both Canada and the USA. miTrail also says they are working on implementing 4G and 5G networks as well. Their GPS product just needs to be plugged into your car’s OBDII port, which is usually located to the driver’s side under the dashboard, and there is no complicated setup or wiring involved.



It’s not just limited to automobiles either. You can plug it into a snowmobile, boat, or even a motorcycle. And it can be easily accessed via a desktop computer, Apple iOS product, or an Android smartphone. You can even set it up to send notifications through your Apple Watch.

You can purchase the miTrail GPS devices at Amazon or Costco, and you will also have to select a plan and subscription based on your needs and requirements. miTrail currently offers monthly plans with no contracts, so you can pay as you go. It also comes with a one-year warranty and a money back guarantee. We will talk more about the products themselves and the differences between them in the next article, and also how they stack up against their competition.



Location tracking services are a handy method to efficiently deal with logistical, safety, and security issues for both personal use and businesses. We have only listed a few uses above on how to maximize miTrail’s products, but we are sure there are even more ways to take advantage of them. Now if only Ashton Kutcher had one of these back in the 2000s. He would know exactly where his car is.


You can find out more about the miTrail and their vehicle tracking products over at their website here:



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