Staying safe during the holiday season

Words: Calvin Chan

Published: November 26, 2021


While it’s been another long and unprecedented year of viruses, vaccines, and ever-changing rules and regulations, there’s one thing we can always look forward to, and that’s the holiday season. We’re all tempted to host large family gatherings, to see all our loved ones, and to just enjoy a good meal, so before the long winter comes, here are some tips that we’ve gathered so we can all minimize risk, and to find ways for all of us to be comfortable, healthy, and to stay safe during this jolly year-end period.


Prepare a emergency kit for your car. You never know when you might need these things, but when you do, boy will you be glad you had planned ahead. We never want to be caught off guard by a flat tire or a leaky engine. Keep some jumper cables in your trunk, and don’t forget to include a tow rope, small shovel, water bottle, first-aid kit, whistle, and some energy bars in case roadside assistance takes a while.


Change into snow tires! Canada is never a forgiving country when it comes to snow, and swapping into winter tires should always be a priority, as we never know when the first snowfall will hit. Don’t forget to keep an eye on your tire pressure as well, as it will drop once the temperature gets colder.



Pop the hood and check your fluids. Make sure your windshield, oil, brake, and coolant fluid is topped up, and take a look at your battery as well. The last thing you want is a dead battery and to have to jump-start a car in the middle of a blizzard. Wouldn’t be a bad idea to replace your windshield blades either if they’re starting to get old.


And keep track of your car! Snowstorms and blizzards are a commuter’s worst nightmare, and we all know everyone’s going to be late coming home when it hits during rush hour. Wouldn’t it be great to always know a car’s real-time location then? Not only would that add a sense of safety and security, but it can give you and your family a sense of relief knowing that everything’s okay. That’s what miTrail GPS has in mind with their products.





miTrail GPS systems use cellular and satellite networks to accurately pinpoint a vehicle’s location, and it works in both Canada and the USA. miTrail also says they are working on implementing 4G and 5G networks as well. Their GPS product just needs to be plugged into your car’s OBDII port, which is usually located to the driver’s side under the dashboard, and there is no complicated setup or wiring involved. You simply need to just choose from one of three types of subscriptions with no contracts or activation fees, and pay as you go. It also comes with a one-year warranty and a money back guarantee. That means you can easily access, and look up a vehicle’s location via a desktop computer, Apple iOS product, or an Android smartphone. You can even set it up to send notifications through your Apple Watch.


miTrail is currently offering a Black Friday promotion as well, whereby buying five of the MVT-1140D will net you 15% off, and buying any 2 devices will get you 10% off with the code EOYMITRAIL.

COVID has put a dent in all our lives, in both professional and personal settings. So we hope these tips will help you stay ahead, and to stay safe and warm during this winter season. Happy Holidays!



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