First Look: 2017 Infiniti Q60

infiniti q60 coupe coming to canada

Written by: Don Cheng

Photography by: Infiniti Motor Company


DETROIT, Michigan - Infiniti rocked the automotive industry last year at the North American International Auto Show with the Q60 Coupe Concept. This year, Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Nissan, unveiled its production version and to our surprise, it looks almost identical to last year’s concept.


While this may sound like a bad thing, it’s actually not. Concepts generally represent a design exercise showcasing the future of a brand. More often than not, only small elements from the concepts actually make it onto the production line.


But those general rules don’t seem to apply to the new Q60. To keep the momentum going from its former glory days as the G35 and G37, the new Q60 features a radically aggressive design with new powertrain options.



Sporting wide wheel arches bulging out below the belt line the Q60 blends muscular looks with elegance. Compared to its predecessors, the new coupe’s sporty looks are further enhanced by a lower stance. Love it or hate it, the signature Infiniti grill makes an appearance, as does the rear quarter window kink – perhaps the most polarizing aspect of the car. Round back, the integrated trunk spoiler and redesigned taillights complete the look, and pays homage to the previous G35s of the past.


Under the Q60’s hood sits Infiniti’s new line of VR motors and in this case, it doesn’t stand for virtual reality. An evolution of the VQ family, the new VR was first found in the supercar crushing Nissan GT-R. But rest assured, the infamous 3.8L hasn’t lost its exclusivity.


Instead, an all-new 3.0L twin-turbo V6 sits inside the Q60. Despite the lower displacement, the new VR30DDTT is still quite potent thanks to its all-aluminum block, water-to-air intercooler, and direct injection technologies. In high output guise, the 3.0L is good for 400 hp and 350 lb-ft of torque. Those who don’t quite see the need for all that power can opt for a 300 hp and 295 lb-ft variant.



Regardless of which mill you choose, all power is sent to the rear wheels via a 7-speed automatic transmission. To ensure optimal shifts, Infiniti includes its Adaptive Shift Control technology which uses an accelerometer to detect topographical changes in the road and adjusts shift timings accordingly. Furthermore, there is an AWD option capable of sending up to 50% of the power to the front wheels when the car detects slip.


Infiniti has also revised its Direct Adaptive Steering to guarantee better steering feel and feedback. Featuring six steering settings: Customize, Standard, Snow, Eco, Sport, and Sport+, the retuned unit should assure that when you exit the garage like a bat out of hell, you’ll be able to land the first corner.



The reworked interior focuses the driver with a new InTuition infotainment system that promises to be quicker and easier to use. The brand hasn’t forgotten its luxury roots either with the inclusion of active noise cancelling and well-bolstered seats.


The newly unveiled Infiniti Q60 looks like a compelling option against current market leaders: the BMW 435i, Audi S5, and Lexus RC350. If looks could kill, the Q60 would demolish the competition, and if it handles anything like Infiniti claims it does, I think it may actually do it.

Either way, we’ll be excited to test Infiniti’s hotly anticipated coupe when it becomes available. Release date and pricing information for Canadians has yet to be confirmed.


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Press Release:


DETROIT (Jan. 11, 2016) – Infiniti has unveiled the new Q60 sports coupe at the 2016 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit. Designed and engineered to perform, the Q60 offers a compelling combination of daring design and exhilarating performance and dynamics.


The bold exterior of the Q60 expresses a powerful elegance through its expressive proportions and taut, muscular lines. The sports coupe maintains the distinctive lines and sharp angles of the original concept, first revealed at the NAIAS one year ago.


Speaking in Detroit, Carlos Ghosn, president and chief executive officer, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., commented, ”As the third-generation version of Infiniti’s iconic sports coupe, the new Q60 builds on Infiniti’s brand heritage and history of technology leadership. It reinforces Infiniti’s reputation for performance, elegance and driver-focused design.”


Innovative drivetrain technologies deliver a powerful driving experience, bringing the Q60’s dynamic promise to life. The high performance 3.0-litre V6 twin-turbo engine from the new and exclusive “VR” powertrain family continues the brand’s longstanding heritage of six-cylinder powertrains production. The new V6 engine comes in two power ratings: 300 horsepower or 400 horsepower, with the latter offering one of the best power-to-efficiency ratios in the sports coupe class.


The Q60 delivers a truly engaging experience, thanks to Infiniti’s unique balance of ride comfort and agile handling. Maximizing this balance is Infiniti’s new optional Dynamic Digital Suspension, which has been engineered to provide crisp handling responses and superior ride comfort.


Power is channeled through the Q60’s rear-biased Intelligent All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system. Infiniti’s available second-generation Direct Adaptive Steering brings improved levels of steering feel and feedback to the Q60, and the Drive Mode Selector gives drivers the option to personalize the steering’s precise responses to suit their preferences.


Roland Krueger, president, Infiniti Motor Company Ltd., added: “The Infiniti Q60 conveys a powerful elegance through its daring design, next-generation ride and handling technologies, and powertrains offering up to 400 horsepower. The Q60 will attract new customers to the Infiniti brand and affirm our position in the sports coupe segment.”


The world premiere of the new Q60 sports coupe comes at a time of rapid growth for Infiniti, released in the midst of an intense global product offensive. Infiniti sold a record 215,250 new vehicles in 2015, a year-over-year increase of 16 per cent.


Alongside the Q60 at the 2016 NAIAS, Infiniti has revealed upgraded versions of the Q50 sports sedan and the QX60 crossover. The launch of these three models highlights Infiniti’s commitment to expand and refresh its product portfolio.





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